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Kids of All Ages for          Lots of  Fun

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                       February 5      2019


Thank You , Much Obliged

    Wanted in All States and Territories, for 

Being' Rude,Irritable and Dirty Behind The Ears

Made Premium & Proud in The USA

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 Oink Jeans Will Be Available

"Live" Online: Winter 2018

Jeans with Attitude...


    Tough & Sexy

    Premium Denim

Premium Designer Jeans

 Purses - Shoes- Boots

    Get Your Oink Jeans On

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& Spring 2019 

Tougher Than Pig Snot

Welcome To America

                 Available This Winter 2018             

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           This Little Piggy Stinks Again 




     American     Made

Jeans with        Attitude...  

All American        

   All Ages

Men's & Women's